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OneRecords is a Records management system making it possible to create categories for files and documents.
OnePortal Self-service - OnePortal Citizen is a self-service Web Portal, better service for citizens, all year 24/7.
OneCrm SQL
OneCrm SQL Enterprise is a record and file system built on Microsoft™ techology, running on the latest SQL Server technology.

OneMeeting - Meeting and committy system

OneMeeting FundabókunarkerfiOneMeeting - Meeting and committy system


What is OneMeeting?
OneMeeting OneMeeting er meeting and committy system that is built up on Microsoft operating systems and web interface and is a addition to OneRecords system. OneMeeting is a systems that enables companies and institutes to book a meeting, write the minutes of a meeting and send out the meeting agenda til committy members in an easy way when used with the case and records managment system OneRecords. OneMeeting holds together all committies, workgroups and teams in projects that are meeting regularly on scheduled meetings.


Why OneMeeting?
OneMeeting OneMeeting makes all processes regaring booking meetings, sending out the meeting agenda and writing minutes of a meeting. OneMeeting saves a lot of time that it takes to work on meeting agenda, minutes writing agenda in a institution or a company. In OneMeeting the user has a overview over all cases that are in process at each time and can in a easy way set up a list of cases that are needed to go for a meeting. When writing the resolution of the meeting (decicion) the systems automaticly saves the resolution into the incomming case/record of each indivudual case that is on the meeting agenda/schedule, this feature saves time and makes it easy to write the response, andswer letter to the company/institute/individual that has sent his case/errand to your company.


OneMeetingFor who is OneMeeting?
OneMeeting fits very will for munipacilities, companies and institutes that have a lot of incomming cases and tasks that need to go for decicion for a meeting or workgroup.
  • OneMeeting makes it faster and easier to create and send out meeting agenda to committy members.
  • OneMeeting sends out the meeting agenda/schedule to the members of a committy.
  • It is easy to connect documents and minutes of a meeting to a meeting and include all information as e-mail, tiff, pdf or other documents nessasary for the meeting decicion.
  • OneMeeting connects easily to the users enviroment as e.x. Word, Excel, Outlook e.t.c.
  • In OneMeeting you write the minutes of a meeting in an electronic way, and can send it to the committy members.
  • It is easy to adopt and customize OneMeeting.


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OneMeeting Fundabókunarkerfi

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Client: Windows 7 or higher. Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.
Server: Windows 2008 Server or higher, MS SQL 2005 server or higher, IIS Internet Information Services.

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