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OneHelpDesk is a software for municipality help desks, making all relative information available in one place for people.
OnePortal Citizen - OnePortal Citizen is a self-service Web Portal, providing better service for the citizen all year, 24/7.
OneMeeting for booking meetings and meeting places and sending out requests to meeting members in a simple way at one place.

OnePortal Citizen - Citizens Web Portal

OnePortalCitizen vefgátt fyrir íbúa - íbúagáttOnePortalCitizen - Citizens Web Portal


OnePortal Citizen is a self-service Web Portal, better service for the citizen 24/7.
OnePortal is a web portal, built on the Microsoft Platform and is an addition to OneRecords case and document management system. OnePortal makes it possible for municipalities to provide better services to their citizens 24 hours a day 7 days a week without adding employees and extra cost to the operation of the municipality.
Educational issues represent a big part of expenses for municipalities, but OnePortal makes the service more automated and accessible any time of the day and by doing so, saves cost and increases service level. Most web pages run by municipalities have no interactive information. Information is put to the web, but no possibility of interaction in an official way. OnePortal opens a way for interactive information flow, from the municipality to the citizen and from the citizen to the municipality. G2C. All processes have interactive possibilities, where the citizen can have closer communication to their municipality officials.
OnePortalCitizenWith OnePortal the citizen can have more automated service from the municipality. All processes are electronic and service will be faster, more efficient, and less costly for the municipality and its citizen. OnePortal has a profile for all citizens that log into the portal that collects information from the municipality back end systems, such as: official cases, what fees to pay, and their general status of payments to and from the municipality. The citizen has in his profile the status of all his applications and cases in the municipality in real time data.


For who is OnePortal?
OnePortal is suitable for all municipalities, companies and official government institutes that want to improve the service to their citizens and make it more automatic and interactive. The system is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Self-service WebPortalOnePortal helps the municipalities to get automated services to the citizens.
  • OnePortal saves a lot of work and maintenance for the municipalities.
  • In OnePortal a lot of different modules to choose from, as MyCases, MyApplications, Citizens democracy, News, Chat, Payment status, Complaints, Endorsements, Polls, and all types of application types and case types.
  • In OnePortal it's easy to set up different processes, inner processes and outer processes from the web.
  • In OnePortal it's possible to connect many different types of databases and bookkeeping systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, Navision, Informix, IBM DB2, or ERP systems.

OneSystems kerfi byggja á Microsoft. tækniOnePortalCitizen vefgátt fyrir íbúa - íbúagátt

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Client: Windows 7 or higher. Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.
Server: Windows 2008 Server or higher, MS SQL 2005 server or higher, IIS Internet Information Services.

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