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OneRecords is a Records management system making it possible to create categories for files and documents.
OnePortal Self-service - OnePortal Citizen is a self-service Web Portal, better service for citizens, all year 24/7.
OneCrm SQL
OneCrm SQL Enterprise is a record and file system built on Microsoft™ techology, running on the latest SQL Server technology.

OneRecords - Case Management system

OneRecords Málakerfi og skjalakerfi
OneRecords - Case Management system


What is OneRecords?

OneRecords is an ERMS system, Electronic Records Management System. OneRecords is an addition to OneCRM. OneRecords is a records /case /document management system which enables companies to create a case and categorize documents underneath them with journal keys. Each case has an archive time, review time, security, manager, other employees connected, instructions, comments, unique identifier and other information that is important in the processing of each case. With the extra module OneDocument Library you can add an EDMS system, Electronic Document Management System so the system can present an integrated ERMS/EDMS in the same system. OneRecords helps companies to fulfill the ISO standard 15489-1 & 2 and Moreq2 and government policies.

OneRecordsWhy OneRecords?
OneRecords is a practical easy to use solution that makes it easier for government institutes, municipalities and private companies and their managers to maintain each case that is being worked on at all times. Managers can see assorted overviews for each case as it is in process. Subscription on a case enables managers to track development and process of cases. Users can easily get a simple list of all cases that they are responsible for. (My Records) With an intensive search it is possible to perform multidimensional searches. OneRecords has many features such as Check In/Check Out, Locking of Documents, Full track audit and more. OneRecords helps government officials to apply to Citizens’ rights to information in more accessible way than before. OneRecords can easily be connected and integrated to OnePortal self-service web portals, to the open web and to several different databases as Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, and e.t.c.


OneRecords features
  • OneRecords is a records, case and document management system that helps you fulfill the rules and regulation of the national archives and government policies, as ISO 15489-1 & 2 and Moreq2.
  • OneRecords easy registration by using case and document templates• OneRecords Includes an intensive search.
  • Easy to import and scan in documents.
  • OneRecords Powerful connection to Microsoft Office e.g. Word, Excel Outlook etc. Easy to import emails, register documents and publish them in formal way.
  • OneRecords Supports security on every document (Item level security).
  • OneRecords makes it easier for users to set security on documents. Documents under a case inherit all the security settings of the case.
  • Easy to adapt and change.

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OneRecords Málakerfi og skjalakerfi
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Client: Windows 7 or higher. Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.
Server: Windows 2008 Server or higher, MS SQL 2005 server or higher, IIS Internet Information Services.

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